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La luna se teñirá de rojo el próximo 27 de julio a consecuencia de un eclipse lunar que podrá verse desde casi toda Europa, África, Oriente Medio y algunos países de Asia Central. El fenómeno durará cerca de cuatro horas y no hará falta utilizar protección para verlo.

El próximo 27 de julio se producirá el y durará cerca de cuatro horas.

La fase total del eclipse durará 1 hora, 42 minutos y 57 segundos, durante los cuales la luna tendrá un color rojo. Un fenómeno que se conoce popularmente como 'luna de sangre'.

Este fenómeno se produce cuando se alinean el Sol, la Tierra y la Luna, y entonces la Luna atraviesa la sombra que proyecta la Tierra, que se encuentra entre ambos astros. Este fenómeno, que sólo puede producirse cuando la Luna está en fase llena.

El eclipse , a diferencia de los eclipses solares y solo se recomienda el uso de telescopios o prismáticos para observar el fenómeno con más detalle.

Este eclipse

El fenómeno comenzará a las 19.30 GMT y acabará a las 22.19 GMT, lo que significa que en España se podrá ver desde las 20.30 horas hasta las 23.19 horas. | Madrid | Actualizado el 19/07/2018 a las 10:00 horas

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Un oncólogo, a una paciente con cáncer 'tratada' por un terapeuta: "¿Qué te dice de tu tumor?" y ella responde:"Que si sale hacia fuera es bueno, porque oxigena"


Llega el eclipse de Luna más largo del siglo XXI


Una empresa valenciana construye la primera casa con una impresora 3D en España

Cuatro datos clave sobre la avispa velutina, una temida especie cada vez más común en España

Una sola colilla puede contaminar 50 litros de agua dulce

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El próximo 27 de julio tendrá lugar el eclipse de luna más largo del siglo, un fenómeno que ...
El 27 de julio tendrá ...
La luna se teñirá de rojo el próximo 27 de julio a consecuencia de un eclipse lunar que ...
El próximo 27 de ...
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Atresmedia Corporación de Medios de Comunicación SA

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Dr. Smith

I lived in Lisbon for two years, returning to the States this June. I’m a radiologist and worked remotely, doing some clinical work and some consulting while finishing up a long-overdue medical textbook edit.

I found Lisbon to be beautiful, friendly, safe, inexpensive, and very authentic.

The language is difficult, even for a fluent speaker of Spanish.

I would say that you can live nicely on $3,000/month if you don’t plan on traveling extensively throughout the rest of Western Europe.

…and it isn’t the Portugal (or the rest of the world) is not “kid friendly” by any means..Portugal in NORMAL. The United States just panders to children and ruins experiences for everyone else with the sprawl and inauthenticity. See also: Disney World

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Fiona Clarke

I love you comment about ‘kid friendly’! One of the things we always notice where we live in the Central region is how well behaved the kids are. They sit quietly in restaurants and eat everything the adults do and at the local Festas you never see groups of youths hanging around with bottles of vodka in hand. They are with their families and just have a fun time but behave themselves!

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Darla Mathis

Great article! Quite informative and helpful. I’ve been in Portugal three times on business trips and I love everything about this country and it’s culture. I’m considering moving to Europe, especially ti Portugal to live and work there and your post gives me great basic guidelines to follow while planning. Thank you for sharing!

Kara Curry

Very interesting article. I am interested in Portugal because I am planning to move with my family there. I am afraid that Europe`s crisis still affect on Portugal. I hope it ends soon because this is a gorgeous country. Greetings!


@ Alan What is your comparison point for the utilities price in Portugal ? I live in Brussels with a foot in Lisbon and Algarve every second month, and price for water for instance is below 1eur for 1 m3 while in Brussels is around 3,30 euros. More precision is needed. I agree that first you rent, you decide latter what to do. Motorways are indeed expensive like in France for instance at 0,10 cents for Km, but you drive very safe and fast if you need it. if not you have nacional roads for free.

Tim Leffel

Most blog and book readers are U.S., British, and Canadian so those countries are the point of comparison.

Al Green

We have recently purchased a nice house in Madeira, we are both Brits, have lived in Australia, Queensland. But Madeira suits retirees, Funchal the capital is great. Standard of living is second to none, people are friendly most folk in Funchal speak English. Property prices are a tad more than Algarve but the property and lifestyle is so much better. Approx three hours from UK, the whole of Europe on your doorstep. If you like peace, sensible living costs, all year round sunny warm climate, good infrastructure, free motorways, this is the place to live.



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